The Story behind the Photo: Twisted Birch of Craggy Gardens

Twisted Birch of Craggy

This is my fifth mini blog post telling the stories behind the photos of Red Rock Photography. My goal is to share my passion of the Blue Ridge Mountains with my fans and followers through my art. I love these mountains and hope that you enjoy the stories behind the photos. If you did not receive my previous posts and want to read them, click here


The story behind the photo

Twisted Birch of Craggy
Craggy Gardens is known for the rocky outcroppings of the pinnacle, beautiful heath balds, and abundant catawba and rosebay rhododendron. One of the most well-known trees is this twisted birch on the Pinnacle Trail. Customers share their stories of having family photos on the tree or how their children love to climb the branches. The roots spread out over the rocky foundation until they can dig deep into the dirt below. The day of this photo, it was pouring rain, the mountain was completely fogged in and it was the peak of the rhododendron bloom. If you look closely, you can see water on my lens in several places, where I was just unable to keep it dry. It made for a mystical and ethereal scene. I have had customers say it looks like a fairy tale, and they expect to see a unicorn, faeries or a hobbit to come strolling down the trail. This is another scene that I am currently working on four seasons, with just Autumn to go. I went out to scout it yesterday to check the status, and even though some leaves are changing up there, the Birch and the surrounding foliage is still very green. Stay posted, I hope to have my shot soon.  
This is the Summer Birch with blooming Snakeroot and Jewel Weed on another rainy foggy day. 
My Winter shot is called "Frozen Birch." The mountain was covered with Rime Ice, which is frozen fog. I captured this one last December. 
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