The Story behind the Photo: The Blue Ridge

The Blue Ridge

This is the fourth mini blog post telling the stories behind the photos of Red Rock Photography. My goal is to share my passion of the Blue Ridge Mountains with my fans and followers through my art. I love these mountains and hope that you enjoy the stories behind the photos. If you did not receive my previous posts and want to read them, click here


The story behind the photo

The Blue Ridge
In my last post, “Bear Trap Rock Sunset,” I talked about Isoprene and the role it plays in protecting the trees as they prepare for the temperature change of sunset. The most amazing feature of the Blue Ridge Mountains is the “blue hue” that gives them their name. Since color is the refraction of light, once the sun gets to the right angle, the Isoprene in the atmosphere hits the blue spectrum of light. This phenomenon only happens in two places in the world, the Blue Ridge Mountains of the Eastern US and the Blue Mountains of Australia. This is the third image captured on the same night, just after the sun descended behind the mountains maybe fifteen minutes after Bear Trap Rock Sunset was shot. 

People that are not familiar with the Blue Ridge Mountains have questioned this image so many times in my booth at art shows, but after explaining the science behind the name I encourage them to go watch some sunsets, and wait until the sun drops below the horizon and see it for themselves. 
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