The Story behind the Photo: Bursting Through

Bursting Through

This is my sixth mini blog post telling the stories behind the photos of Red Rock Photography. My goal is to share my passion of the Blue Ridge Mountains with my fans and followers through my art. I love these mountains and hope that you enjoy the stories behind the photos. If you did not receive my previous posts and want to read them, click here


The story behind the photo

Bursting Through
Patience is one of the keys to photography. Most of the time when I shoot a sunset, I am in place a few hours before. You have to be ready and capture the best light and the allow the scene to develop, not just hop out of the car take a quick photo and go. With Bursting Through, I arrived three hours before sunset, and was gifted these amazing crepuscular rays. If you look closely, you can see each ray is shining on or behind a different ridge. This depth of the rays is my favorite part of this photo. I sat there for three hours, and nothing else of significance happened, but being there early payed off. One of my customers, who owns a large canvas of this photo, sees an angel in the shape of the rays. The light in the clouds up top being the head, and the wings flowing down on the left and right of the central body. Do you see it too?
This was captured in late September 2016, with little specs of early autumn and blooming purple Asters, there is just enough color to compliment the dark sky and rays from the heavens above. This is one of those images that you just need to see on a large canvas in person. 
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