The Story behind the Photo: Bear Trap Rock Sunset

Bear Trap Rock Sunset

This is the third mini blog post telling the stories behind the photos of Red Rock Photography. My goal is to share my passion of the Blue Ridge Mountains with my fans and followers through my art. I love these mountains and hope that you enjoy the stories behind the photos. If you did not receive my previous posts and want to read them, click here


The story behind the photo

In my last post, “Lonesome Tree,” I mentioned capturing three of my top five images in one night. Bear Trap Rock Sunset is the second of those three. This rock is one of my favorite spots to shoot, the view down into the Nantahala National Forest of Jackson County, NC, is simply breathtaking. When I first found this spot I knew that I would return many times to shoot here. 
What I love about this image is the mist in the mountains, the rows and rows of ridges and the rock placing the viewer in the scene. But the mist is the key, most people think that it is haze, but it is isoprene. Isoprene is a chemical compound released by the trees as they prepare for the temperature change of sunset or sunrise. It is a defensive mechanism protecting the photosynthesis process. The most isoprene is released on the warmer days with cooler nights ahead and vice versa in the morning before sunrise. It is also what give the mountains their blue appearance, hence the name of the Blue Ridge Mountains. Which I will show you in my post next week.
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